9 Types of individuals that shouldn’t engage in Japa in 2024

9 Types of individuals that shouldn't engage in Japa in 2024

9 Types of individuals that shouldn’t engage in Japa in 2024

Despite the fact that the JAPA syndrome—also known as corals against pollutions—seems to have spread like an epidemic and is contagious, people are still unaware of it despite advertisements on television, billboards, and campaigns against pollution. However, what really stands out is that I’ve observed individuals who don’t need to move but still get caught up in this trend. Nevertheless, achieving this harmony is not without its challenges. It’s possible that one’s expectations won’t be met by the harmony they find. It’s easy to end up in a situation where one’s quality of life isn’t good enough and one feels oppressed. Britain has a hard time, with Canada serving as a good example, because these two countries saw a lot of immigration. Even if an opportunity presents itself, there are some people who may not feel the need to participate in JAPA:

1. High earners (those making N2 million or more per month): If your alternative income—working abroad—doesn’t bring in a salary that may be considered to be as high as your local wages, it becomes more advantageous to stay in the country. Corrupt Politicians: Those who are fully involved in Nigerian politics, particularly the field of serious contenders, should not relocate to the UK, as this suggests. If the political climate in the UK is not comparable to that in Nigeria, which has a positive correlation between political offices and money, this may be an incentive for returning home.

2. Popular Pastors: Pastors with expanding ministries who make a significant financial or other contribution to their ministerial leadership may also consider it preferable to remain in Nigeria. Unless there is a reason for them, donations are rarely associated with the British mindset.

3. Yahoo Boys: Under UK law, personal data processing and surveillance are tightly regulated, making it difficult to engage in illegal activities online and resulting in severe penalties.

4. Musicians: As a working entertainment professional, you might find Nigeria more financially rewarding if your salary is close to what is considered reasonable. The public may be aware of individuals who are in greater spotlights. However, their salaries will not necessarily rise as a result.

5. Business owners: The fact that the majority of the population in Nigeria speaks the same language throughout the country is what sets Nigeria apart from other nations. Therefore, if you own a company and have a small staff back home, you can expand your network in Nigeria and meet a lot of people who are eager to learn and try new things.

6. Runs Girls: Women working in the so-called off-road lodging and entertainment industry may have trouble maintaining their income levels in the United Kingdom, where such services are not particularly popular.

7. Age Range: 50 and up: Relocation is better for kids here because older people may have more trouble adjusting to a new environment than they did when they moved to executive-level positions.

8. Father Abraham: People who have a lot of children may have trouble moving because they are so attached to their homes and families that they have to focus on. This may be difficult financially and psychologically to the point where they need help from another person in a foreign country.

9. Director of the Civil Service or Bank Manager: Higher-ups in the private or public sector’s top management may decide that the physical and mental aches and pains are getting worse while the promises of a better future for children and safety seem almost unattainable.

Last but not least, do your homework on everything you can about the Japa way of life. The best strategy for one person might not work at all for another. The widespread use of YouTube pages by Nigerians to express their regrets after hurriedly migrating demonstrates that rushing to relocate or emigrate without thoroughly considering one’s background can result in disappointment.

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