9 Types of individuals that shouldn’t engage in Japa in 2024

9 Types of individuals that shouldn't engage in Japa in 2024

9 Types of individuals that shouldn’t engage in Japa in 2024

The JAPA syndrome appears to be spreading like an epidemic and is highly contagious. Over time, I’ve observed individuals who, despite not needing to relocate, succumb to this trend. However, the pursuit of a seemingly greener pasture can have its pitfalls, as the quality of life may not match expectations, and one might even find themselves overwhelmed or marginalized.

The United Kingdom and Canada, in particular, are grappling with challenges stemming from a substantial migration rate. Here’s a list of individuals who may not find it necessary to engage in JAPA, even if the opportunity arises:

  1. High Earners (earning N2 million and above): Individuals with a monthly salary in this bracket may find it more advantageous to remain in Nigeria, unless they secure a job abroad with a salary comparable to their local earnings.
  2. Corrupt Politicians: Those deeply involved in Nigerian politics, especially serious contenders, are advised against relocating to the UK. The political landscape in Nigeria is known for its financial rewards, and the UK may not provide a comparable environment.
  3. Popular Pastors: Pastors with thriving religious ministries that contribute to their livelihood, directly or indirectly, may find it more suitable to stay in Nigeria. The UK culture tends to be less inclined toward giving without a specific reason.
  4. Yahoo Boys: Individuals involved in internet fraud may face significant challenges in the UK, given its stringent surveillance and swift consequences for illegal activities.
  5. Music Artists: Those making reasonable earnings in the Nigerian entertainment industry, particularly musicians, might find Nigeria more financially rewarding. Relocating may enhance their public profile but may not translate to a significant increase in their bank balance.
  6. Business Owners: If you are a business owner with a decent staff strength, patience and efforts to expand your network within Nigeria may lead to a successful and impactful business.
  7. Runs Girls: Women working in the informal hospitality and pleasure industry may find it challenging to sustain their income in the UK, where such services are less sought after.
  8. Age Range: 50 and Above: Relocation may be more suitable for the youth, as older individuals might face challenges adapting to a new environment, especially if they don’t secure executive-level positions.
  9. Father Abraham: Individuals with numerous children may find it difficult to relocate due to the need for domestic and family support, which can be both expensive and hard to come by in a foreign land.
  10. Civil Service Director/Bank Manager: Top management staff from the private or public sectors may find that the challenges and mental toll of relocating outweigh the perceived benefits, such as improving the future for their children or escaping insecurity.

In conclusion, it is crucial to gather accurate information before deciding to Japa, as what works for one person may not be suitable for another. Rushing into relocation without considering individual circumstances may lead to frustration, as highlighted by the growing number of Nigerians who vent their regrets on platforms like YouTube after hastily making such decisions.

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