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On a daily basis, millions of students from around the world troop to the net in search of domestic and international scholarships opportunities. In light of this, we at took it upon ourselves to position our readers at a competitive advantage.

To learn the best and proven ways of obtaining scholarships in top ranking Universities across the globe, we canvassed for scholarships tips and opinions from scholars around the world and they all shared similar opinions as given below.

1) Early Application is key - Early scholarships application is extremely important in landing your dream scholarship program. We urge our readers to always check back to learn when there are new scholarship openings. Also subscribe to our newsletter to receive scholarships alert.

2)Visit Universities websites - Where do which to study? Do you prefer to study in the United States or Canada? Most of the scholars in our survey revealed that visiting several universities website of your preferred study destination is an effective way of landing a scholarship.

3)Search beyond Universities - Aside Universities, there are other institution, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), and Government agencies that award scholarships to domestic and international students. Always look up on these organizations for scholarship opening.

4)Read the Scholarship Instructions carefully - We always encourage our visitors to read in between the lines when they see scholarships advert. Always ask yourself questions like – am I qualified to apply for this scholarship? Do I meet the scholarship eligibility criteria? This would save you time and resources

5)Scholarships Essays are key - Prospective applicants are thereby advised to take scholarships essays very seriously. Ensure to learn the essay topic and what it entails. Get one or two people to review and contribute to your essay writing.

6)Application Method - When applying for scholarships, ensure to read the application method carefully to learn all the required application documents. Ensure your applications contains all the credentials and documents specified for the application