10 categories of people that are not advised to leave Nigeria Immediately

10 categories of people that are not advised to leave Nigeria Immediately

10 categories of people that are not advised to leave Nigeria Immediately in 2024

Having examined the ’10 Sets Of People Who Shouldn’t Travel To The UK’ in pursuit of better opportunities, I’ve decided to address those who should consider leaving Nigeria as soon as possible if given the chance. Even if it means sailing on the proposed N5 billion presidential yacht of Presidential Bola Tinubu in the sea of tears of the Nigerian masses, adversely affected by subsidy removal and other anti-people public policies.

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Apologies for the digression. The list is as follows:

1. Individuals above the age of 30 who are unemployed: If you find yourself in your 30s without securing a decent job, Nigeria might already be presenting challenges. This critical period could shape the direction of your entire life, and it may be crucial to make an urgent and strategic decision to relocate.

2. Healthcare professionals: There is a substantial and lucrative market for healthcare professionals, particularly doctors and nurses, in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and other countries. These professionals often earn significantly more abroad compared to Nigeria, where some state governors subject them to social experiments, testing their resilience against extreme hardship.

3. I.T Professionals: Information Technology is now considered the new oil, and abroad, the available roles not only offer substantial remuneration but also comfortable working conditions. The hybrid approach adopted makes parenthood more manageable. If you possess confidence in your abilities, understand your field, and seek a challenge, leaving Nigeria might be a viable option.

4. Low-income earners: Those earning N100,000 and below face challenges, especially as the country grapples with skyrocketing double-digit inflation. If you fall into this category as a family man, it might be wise to borrow the metaphorical legs of Usain Bolt and run until you are out of the country.

5. State civil servants: State civil servants often find themselves poorly paid, with salary payments frequently delayed. If you are in this situation, considering the challenges, it may be better to seek opportunities outside Nigeria.

6. Full-time netizens: Spending an excessive amount of time, around 10 hours or more daily, on social media without engaging in online business or influencing might indicate joblessness. If trolling celebrities and following trends occupy most of your time, leaving the country could be a prudent move.

7. Footballers: Football presents significant opportunities in the UK and Europe, potentially altering the destiny of a generation. If you are young and talented, leaving Nigeria to pursue a football career abroad could be transformative, as seen with players like Victor Osimhen.

8. Failed serious relationships victims: If your self-proclaimed serious relationships have ended three or more times in the last 12 months due to financial inadequacies, leaving Nigeria to enhance your financial situation might be a strategic move.

9. Habitual debtors: Consistent indebtedness is often linked to financial challenges, poverty, or financial mismanagement. Leaving Nigeria to earn a more robust income in a superior currency could be a beneficial decision.

10. Living with parents at 35 and above: If you find yourself residing under your parents’ roof after celebrating 35 Christmases in their home, it may indicate a significant issue. Typically, at that age, one would be expected to establish their own family, and considering relocation might be a solution to the current situation.

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