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2024/2025 Canada permanent visa application | photo size | price | processing time

Canada has always been respected as a wanted place for people who want to leave and come to start new life here to feel secure and prosperous. Given the fast-economical-growing, unique cultural aspects, and high living standards in Canada, no wonder so many people want to get the permanent residency. Nevertheless, the acquisition of a permanent visa is a rather daunting process, and getting informed about the requirements and costs plays a crucial role in people who decide to be included in this category.

The next stage in visa approval for Canada is deciding on the eligibility status. Canada provides variety of immigration tips and its specific rules may differ from each other. In practice, the greatest number of the potential immigrants who find themselves qualified for application and selection process are those destined for the Express Entry system, which is point-based, and it gives points for factors such as age, level of education, work experience, and language proficiency.

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The next phase is to check for this eligibility requirement: you need to complete an application form to become a permanent resident. It can be done either online or by hand (a paper application), and the cost will fluctuate by the preferred way. For the Express Entry system, the price of an application is 825 CA dollar for the main applicant, and extra 825 CA dollar will be paid if the spouse or a partner joins the application. Education is also required to be assessed through language proficiency tests and credential assessments. These take place in a category of fees from $200-500 CAD.

Among the application fees you have to pay, you have to also consider other costs inherent to the permanent residency process. You will have to acquire a police certificate from each country where you stayed more than six months and for the past ten years, as the cost of obtaining a police certificate ranges between $20-50 CAD per certificate. A medical exam is also required; lucky enough, it costs around 200-300 dollars CAD.

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If you submit your application, the duration that it will gain a permanent visa is unpredictable. For Express Entry processing, it can vary from six months to over one year, while others take longer. Moreover, it is essential to take into account that processing time limitations may vary depending on different factors including the percentage of applications received and how complete your own application is.

One has also to realize that holding a permanent visa does not mean right away your status changed to a Canadian citizen yet. The citizenship requirements in Canada would probably vary, but if you have held a resident card (this is commonly referred to as permanent residency) for a specific period of three years, then you will have successfully completed the requirements of citizenship. And of course the ones mentioned are appended additional charges.

Once an individual is given the permanent resident in Canada, it fills the individual with endless benefits. The permanent residents can choose to stay anywhere in Canada and also they have the permission to look for the jobs and study. Besides them they also have the privilege of access to the social services such as healthcare and education. Moreover, they may submit their application as soon as they have met the necessary conditions for a Canadian citizenship.

Now, we all know that the cost of obtaining a permanent visa in Canada can be high, but it is also important to think of it as your investment in your and your family’s future. Established in Canada is a high standard of living and an unlimited potential for humans’ growth both in person and professional sphere, meaning many people invest their lives or their families in the country.

With application fees and other expenditures already included, the costs of living in Canada need to be factored in too. The expenses of living may differ from one city to another and from province to province; therefore, make a completely thorough research and allocating money into the needs is of utmost importance.


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