Six Factors to consider in choosing a VPN

Various VPN connections

In our previous but related post, we outlined four reasons you need a VPN as a student. We informed you that the use of a good and reliable VPN grants you access to resources from other regions of the world, offers you some advanced online security, gives you more privacy protection and overcomes your ISP imposed restrictions. However, you need to know that not all VPNs can do the above. So what are the possible factors to consider while choosing a VPN?
Connection Speed
No one finds it pleasing when their connectivity speed is slow. In fact, it can be as bad as a nightmare. Everyone needs his/her online experience to be very speedy and fast. Therefore, anything to the contrary is never a good option. All VPNs will introduce some levels of drag to the spped at which online resources are accessed and retrieved. Such drags could be either obvious or negligible. This is due to the fact that it has to route each request through many servers and the encryption process involved. A good VPN, therefore, is one which still delivers your request in a time fast enough such that you scarcely even recognize that you are using one.
Level of Encryption and Anonymity
Even when using a VPN, hackers can effortlessly steal your online traffic and activity session. This is a problem if it is easy for them to have access to the real information in their pure state. They can easily ruin your life now or in the nearest future. VPNs help here by encrypting the information passed between you and whichever machine that hosts the resource of interest. This, then, makes it very hard for them to be able to decrypt the information and the chance of them using such against you is very slim. So in making a choice for a good VPN, go for one that guarantees maximum encryption. With this you are highly secure online.
User Registration
The needs for a VPN include making you appear as anonymous as possible while on the net. So the lesser the volume of personal information you have online the safer. But some VPN providers keep records of their users or their internet history. These you can identify when you are asked to create an account with your real details including email address. They would require these at the beginning of every session, as log in procedure. Such greatly weakens the primary purpose of using a VPN in the first place. So, go for a VPN that offers high level of privacy and anonymity.
Support for Different Platforms
Our online lives revolve around many devices running different operating systems. So we need to be safe, secure and liberated while on all of these devices. Proper protection on PC and serious vulnerability on our smartphones is as good as no protection at all. Therefore, before you choose any VPN, ensure that while meeting other conditions, it also supports many operating systems. This is so as to be able to use one VPN account and protect all your necessary devices with internet connectivity including your computer, phone, tablet and smart TV.
No Bandwidth Limitations
We need VPNs in the first place for enhanced online freedom and access. It would then be counter productive if we go for a VPN that places certain limit to how much we can draw from the net. However, it is a fact that, some VPNs providers (mostly the free VVPNs place some limit on the amount of bandwidth allowable for your use per day or week or month. Alternatively, they can place a limit on the maximum number of simultaneous connections allowed at any given time. For example, if you are allowed a maximum of two connections and you have more than two possible devices you would want to connect, you definitely will not be able to protect all of them at the same time. So, go for that which gives you unmetered or maximum bandwidth as well as the maximum number of connections that suit your need.
Traffic Restriction
VPN means freedom from most forms of online restrictions. An online user needs one to be able to explore beyond the limits placed on him/her by any appropriate authority. It is, therefore, an error if a VPN user is still prevented from using certain forms of traffic across the VPN servers and its entire network. However, such restrictions still exist among some VPN service providers. For example, if you would need to perform certain online tasks such as P2P downloads as torrents, do well to go for a VPN that support such.
On a final note, in the world of VPNs, popularity does not translate to total satisfaction and obscurity does not mean non-functionality. Know what you want and go for it notwithstanding its level of popularity or obscurity. Refer to this post for reasons you need a VPN in the first place as a student. Remember, any VPN that will serve you well, whether as a college student or in any walk of life, is worth whatever financial cost.

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