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MTN 200MB for N50 is not a rumour. Without doubts, data offers and their corresponding costs and prices are getting more varied and affordable. Telecommunication service providers in Nigeria are known to be using cheap data offers attract new and retain old but loyal subscribers. Even when the new Value Added Tax (VAT) of 7,5% has brought a hike in service charges in the country, telecom service providers are still loading their customers with more data offer options. Such is the case with MTN.
The telecommunication giant has silently introduced a new data offer. I call it silent affordable data offer because there has not been any official announcement or statement from the company on this offer. I believe you are thrilled to discover that with just N50, you can now purchase or subscribe to a data offer that gives you 200MB with 14 days validity. Is that not a good news?

How to subscribe for the MTN 200MB for just N50

You can subscribe to this silent data offer by:

  • Ensuring that you have at least N50 call card, credit or airtime (whichever name you wish to call it) on your balance;
  • Dialing *131*25# and you will receive a response asking if you would like the 200MB Bi-weekly plan to auto renew on expiry as in the image below:
MTN 200MB for N50 Renewal
  • You can choose 1 (Yes for Auto Renew) or 2 (No for a One off Purchase). The choice is yours to make.
  • If you met the minimum airtime requirement, you will receive an onscreen notification followed by another through SMS as in the image below:
MTN 200MB for N50 successful

You can now use your data anyhow you wish to. But we have received reports from some subscribers that it is SIM selective. That, we cannot verify but you can confirm your eligibility.

How to know if You are Eligible for the MTN 200MB for N50

To determine the status of your eligibility, ensure you do not have up to the minimum amount of money on your balance. Then

dial *131*25#. When the options of auto renewal and one off purchase pops up, choose any of the two. If you are eligible, the response you will get will complain of Insufficient Balance as in the image below but if you are ineligible, you will be so notified both on the next screen and through SMS.

MTN 200MB for N50 failure notice

How many Times can one subscribe?

Though the data offer is cheap and affordable, it may not be enough for some subscribers even for one day. However, there is a good news. You can subscribe to this package for as many times you want to within any given space of time. But know that multiple subscriptions within the same day does not extend the validity period. I am yet to subscribe on a subsequent day to see if the validity will reflect the new date of activation. So, with the freedom to subscribe as many times as possible, you can get 1GB of data for as low as N250. Is that not cheap enough given that it has a validity of 14 days?

How long will a Customer be allowed to subscribe to this Silent Data Offer?

We do not know how long this offer will be available. We do not also know if there is any maximum number of times a subscriber could be allowed to buy this offer. One thing is sure about cheap data offers. They often and always come with certain terms and conditions and could get discontinued anytime the service provider deems fit. They are also mostly SIM selective. So utilize this cheap option now that it is available. If you are declared ineligible, pick another SIM and try.

How to check your Data Balance

Since this is not a cheat but a direct data offer from MTN, even though it is not publicized, you can check the balance using the normal codes or methods. Using USSD, you just have to dial *131*4# and wait for an on screen response followed by an SMS notification of your data balance. If you want to use the SMS method rather, you can check the data balance by sending 2 in an SMS to 131. You will receive an SMS containing information on your data balance.

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