How to Transfer Airtime from One Network to Another in Nigeria

How to transfer airtime from one network to another

Telecommunication is making life easier for Nigerians. I can still remember when it was very costly to afford starter packs (phone and SIM) those days. Today, SIM cards are relatively free of charge. We have seen several innovations and improvements. The latest now is the ability to transfer airtime (called credits) between networks service providers in Nigeria. How does that work?

Yes, you can now transfer airtime (call credits) between and among the four GSM service providers in Nigeria. I mean you can transfer credit from your MTN line to airtel and any other line. Below are the steps to follow:

1⃣ You start by dialing *931# on the sim that you have the credit which you want to transfer to another network.

2⃣ With the response from the service provider, reply with 6 to change your default transfer PIN. This is the first step if you are doing it for the first time. If you already have a PIN, there is no need to change the PIN at this stage.

3⃣ Upon a successful change of PIN, you will then reply with 3 for Airtime Swap.

4⃣ Then input the beneficiary’s number (the phone number that is using another network to which you’re sending the airtime to).

5⃣ Input the amount you want to transfer.

6⃣ To authorize the transfer, you will enter your PIN and press.
Viola! The airtime will be transferred successfully.


Every successful transfer will attract a service charge of 50 Naira.

Now you can share or transfer your airtime/credit between Nigerian mobile networks. You can also check out how to buy 6GB airtel data for just #1,500.

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