Glo Unlimited Free Browsing for December 2019

This has been blocked and discontinued. So do not try it again as it will no longer work for you.

Glo Yakata

It has been long since we last had such an opportunity. Even though glo is not the best of telecommunications service providers because of its poor network stability and connectivity, this can still help in some way. There is no need for lengthy post minding the fact that it could get blocked at any moment. Read on and enjoy while it lasts.

Glo Unlimited Requirements

  • You need at least 2 Glo SIM Cards
  • You also need a smartphone running either Android or iOS
  • Glo network, whether 3G or 4G is needed
  • Credit balance of at least N200. More would be better.
  • One of the glo SIMs must be on Glo Yakata Tariff. To migrate to Glo Yakata dial *230#

How to Activate Glo Free Browsing

Having got the above listed items and conditions ready, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Pick the SIM that is on Glo Yakata – or dial *230# to migrate to Glo Yakata.

2. Recharge that line with a minimum of N200 Airtime or more if you do not have enough balance.

3. Subscribe for N200 Data Plan. You will be given 250MB for 1st-month recharges

4. The 250MB will be on your SIM, after 2 hours or for exactly 2 hours.

5. This is the most important point. Share the data on the SIM with Glo Yakata tariff to the second Glo SIM by dialing *127*01*[phone number]#)

6. You can start to browse unlimitedly on the second line. Your  250MB data plan will not be touched no matter what you’re using it to do online (downloading, streaming, uploading or mere surfing the net). Note: The N200 subscription is only for 24 hours so have it at the back of your mind that since you subscribed to a 24 hours plan, it will expire after one day. If you would want it to last longer, you can choose other plans that last longer and follow the procedure here and browse unlimitedly for as long and your subscription is valid.

Enjoy and share if it is useful to you.

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