Five Factors that Discourage Students from Applying for International Opportunities

There are always countless opportunities for waivers and complete sponsorship, scholarship, grant, award etc. out there for global applicants. Some students are well qualified yet they will not apply. In my research into why this is so, I discovered many factors responsible for this.

We all know that handing in an application for something which outcome(s) you cannot reliably predict could undeniably challenging and discouraging. It could be compared with jumping into an unknown river which depth and inhabitants are not known. No matter how true this may be, I want to let us know that, till we die, there will always be unforeseen outcomes even as almost everything we do in life is actually unpredictable.

Outlined below are five factors responsible for applicants’ apathy to global opportunities to encourage and empower prospective applicants with worthwhile information and knowledge.

Fear of Rejection

From my findings, this ranks the highest among the factors and reasons people look away from available global opportunities. This may not be completely abnormal as everyone has passed through that road one way or the other. I have seen even the most confident individuals nursing and displaying such fear before. People fear that because of so many factors, sometimes erroneously so conceived, they stand no chance of being accepted and so they stay off. Sometimes this kind of inward feeling and argument may be true and valid but most times it is nothing but total fallacy.

Nobody likes failure. No one takes rejection lightly. No one can ever wish to be rejected. However rejection may come, one way or the other. Be that as it may, it should not be allowed to control and dissuade us from exploring opportunities open and available to us. Remember, the greatest risk in life is refusing to take risks. So I encourage my readers to always step out irrespective what previous experience you may have had.

 I can compare this to moving into a new neighbourhood. There will surely be objects, locations and many other things you will not get familiar with at that initial time. So, assuming as you are leaving your apartment you slip off something you cannot and must not put out of the way; what do you do? Do you stop going out because of that? Do you pack out into a new apartment just because of that? Obviously, NO. In most of such instances, you will just sigh and keep going. You become cautious and try to avoid some of the errors on your part till eventually you become completely used to the new environment.

Let me end this by saying that it is not abnormal to nurse some fear over global opportunities and openings but such should never be allowed to keep us from trying.

Not yet my Time Attitude

This is another serious factor as I found out. People keep saying they will look for and explore opportunities but they are not yet ready. Ask them what they mean by such readiness, you may not get any satisfactory explanation. I have been a victim of this until I became ‘too old’ for most opportunities that I would have been interested in. Right now, the available opportunities are far more competitive that the ones available for those in the lower age brackets.

While waiting for the right moment, you may pick up something else to be engaged in. This may eventually capture your heart and interest in the long-run. Additionally, it may be such a time consuming engagement that denies you time to seek and explore such opportunities. Sometimes, the financial reward from such engagement may be very satisfying (at the moment). The opportunity(ies) of interest may become discontinued by the time you eventually become ready. In fact, many things can happen in the course of waiting for the right moment.

SchoolUpdate wishes to state it categorically clear that in most life’s experiences, no one ever knows his/her moment until they first tried. The right moments mostly do not come on their own. People make their moments right. Take the steps as early as possible and learn along. it does not matter much the outcomes at first. Just keep pushing till you eventually unlock the key to your big moments.

Comfort Zone Attachment

This one also is a very big deal for many. Once we are used to a particular environment, company, situation, group of people and so on, we find it hard to conceive and accept any change that will move us from such. This is one of the reasons most people are so reluctant to adopt and adapt to emerging changes. I call this “the fear of the unknown.”

People desire to remain in the system they are already familiar with. The one they can easily navigate and integrate into. The one they can manipulate, if need be. The one they are comfortable with. Little do they know that this kind of mentality and reasoning limits them a lot.

No one who desires any change stays within the existing boundaries. They would always break boundaries and explore beyond. In fact, it is irrational to do something the exact same way and in the same place while expecting a different result. There is always change of method, process, people and maybe place for there to be new and different outcomes.

I encourage my readers to take the risk, and make a radical change. to improve yourself and eventually influence your world, you’ll need to get out of your comfort zones at all times.

Go ahead and turn in your application/declaration of interest. Whether you make it or not should not matter much at this time. What matters is the undeniable experiences you will earn and the discovery of better ways to do it. Sometimes all you need to break out is that simple decision to come out of your comfort zone and adventure into the unknown land. Life is all about direct personal experiences.

Scared of the Extra Work

Getting things together for a successful application may actually be tasking. The stress of having to run around for something, gather the necessary documents, contact referees, write your resùme and essay and so on may bring extra work. Indeed doing the above is sure to take a lot of your time and energy and maybe stress you out. However, let me remind us that there is nothing good that had ever come easy.

Some of such pressure may be real and explicable but most are actually as a result of obvious idleness. Nothing in life happens by mere wishes. All happen by actions and some of such actions are very demanding.

The prize an athlete wins is far more glorious that the effort he put into the race. How do we feel when our decision not to do a particular thing because of stress and extra work that come with such deny us of a life time opportunity? Do we feel happy or sad with ourselves and such decisions? Obviously, we retire to a life full of regrets. Let us give all into achieving any set goal and target for the end will always justify the means.

I am too Young

I was a victim of this until I discovered my mistake at a time when it was too late. I do not want my readers to repeat my kind of errors while nursing this thought. It is never an error for you to attain certain feats at a tender age. In today’s world, young people are breaking records and making gainful and insightful contributions to the global community. It would not in any way be wrong if you are one of such young global citizens.

From time immemorial, there had always been challenges which often scare everything out of people. The world around you may be seeing impossibilities but you can see a different thing. Remember what makes you famous, with a heroic achievement record, is daring to do what others are comfortable to avoid.

Others before you may have decided not to apply because they were too young. In most cases they never applied eventually till date. If you follow the same road, do you expect to arrive at a different destination? There are always opportunities for all ages. Search out the ones that you are qualified for and apply. If you fail, keep pushing. By the time you get to the next stage of life, experiences gathered earlier will help you in no small way.

To wrap up this post, I want you to know and always remember that are always first timers in everything. First timers need not be specialists and in some cases, success is recorded at first attempts. There will always be factors that may want to limit us in diverse ways but it is our choice to accept the limitations or break bounds. So, brace up, tame the inordinate fear and low self-esteem and work your way through the challenges. Take the first step. Give room to unsatisfying outcomes at that initial time but gather all the necessary experiences. Explore many available options for which you are qualified. If need be, search for and link up with a previous beneficiary for gainful information and guidance. I see us breaking into the world and capturing several global opportunities.

Remember, unlike the others, you can make it at your first attempt.

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