Educational Research Grant 2019/2020 for Nigerians (PhD)

This is to inform our readers and general public that the Nigerian Conservation Foundation Chief S. L. Educational Research Grant 2019/2020 is ongoing. The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) in partnership with Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) gives grants to Nigerians who are ready to undertake research and investigation work in any area that has direct bearing to nature, conservation and sustainable livelihood. This grant is only extended to PhD students in support of their programme. The current edition comes with the theme, “Human-Wildlife Conflict”.

With the vision and mandate to encourage Nigeria and Nigerians to live in harmony with nature, NCF explores many avenues towards achieving this. According to her mission statement (which reads in part), NCF lives to ensure

  • The preservation of a full range of Nigeria’s biodiversity which includes species, ecosystems and genetic biodiversity;
  • The promotion of sustainable use of natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations; and
  • The advocacy of actions that minimize pollution and wasteful utilization of renewable


To be qualified for consideration, candidates must:

  • be verifiable Nigerian citizens;
  • possess an M.Sc. Degree or its equivalent in Biological Sciences, Social Sciences or Law (Environmental Law/Protection) but related to environmental resources management,
  • have already been admitted into a an accredited Nigerian university for a doctorate degree in any of the fields stated above;
  • must develop acceptable research proposals that meet NCFs vision; and
  • structure their proposals in line with the theme.

Method of Application

Candidates are to note that the following materials are required for complete application:

  • A progress report (on letter head paper) from the applicant’s Project Supervisor(s) stating how far he or she has gone in his or her research work and his/her role in the initial review, as well as the relevance to the objectives of the grant. This is a very essential condition for considering any application. Please note that a reference letter is an equivalent of a Progress Report from the Supervisors(s);
  • A 200-word justification, with relevance to natural and environmental resource management and biodiversity conservation;
  • A 3,000-word project proposal to be submitted should reflect the Title, Introduction/Statement of Problem, Objectives, Methodology and Expected Output
  • Curriculum vitae (not more than 2 pages detailing research and work experience);
  • Scanned copy of admission letter.

Click here to apply to apply online.

Deadline: November 30, 2019

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