CAORC Multi-Country Research Fellowship Program 2020 for US citizens (up to $11,000)

This is to inform our readers that the CAORC Multi-Country Research Fellowship Program 2020 application is open and ongoing. This opportunity is for and in support of innovative regional or trans-regional research. Such must be in the following areas: Humanities, Social Sciences, or allied natural sciences. It is also worthy to note that the opportunity is only open to U.S. students who are currently pursuing doctorate degrees in the areas listed above or such applicants that must have already received their PhD. Those involved in comparative and/or cross-regional academic investigation will stand better chances of being selected and awarded. Furthermore, each applicant must carry out his/her investigation in at least two separate countries outside the United States of America. One of such countries must play host to an American overseas research center which is a partner in this program. About 8 awards, each of which is up to $11,000 will be awarded to successful applicants. Every year, the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs provide the funds for this fellowship program. To further support the scheme and the winners, the Multi-Country Fellowship applicant having the highest ranking will be given an additional $1,000 to augment his/her travel expenses through the Mary Ellen Lane Multi-Country Travel Award.

  • Eligibility
  • To be eligible for this opportunity, the applicant must meet the following requirements:
  • All Applicants must be legal U.S. citizens. Application can be on individual basis or as a group.
  • The qualifying intended research must be planned for and conducted outside the United States.
  • All applications involving a team will be treated and assessed as a single application.
  • While the group is to submit one application for the group, every individual member of the group must supply their individual Curriculum Vitae.
  • For every group application, two (2) letters of recommendation would be needed.
  • All PhD candidates at any recognized university and those who have already received their PhD are qualified to apply.
  • To be considered, all applicants whose PhD study is ongoing are expected to have completed their course work by May 2020.
  • Previous beneficiaries of any Multi-Country Fellowship must wait for three (3) years before they are qualified to apply for this.
  • Scholars with minority entitlements and those from institutions which serve the minority are strongly advised to apply.

How to Apply
Applications can be accessed going here. All applicants must sign up and register for an online profile on the application portal before they can gain access to the application materials. Creating personal profiles will give applicants the opportunity to save their applications at any point an extent and return to it before final submission. It is strongly advised that applicants save their login details as well as keep same handy for future applications.

Project Description
In not more than1500 words, every applicant is expected to write a detailed description of the nature of their planned project/research. This should also include convincing information on their competence to successfully embark on the proposed research. The research question, methods and procedures must be outlined in clear terms as regard the actual conduct of the research. They are to advance the motives to substantiate the necessity of their carrying out the proposed project in their countries of interest. Mention must also be made of the necessary facilities like libraries, museums, archives, field sites etc. which they intend to harness during the process of carrying out their research. Also needed to be captured in their write-up is the envisaged connection that will exist between the applicants and the research centers of their countries of interest. As a final point, they have to specify the degree to which they have explored any other available funding options.
Note: since the judges and reviewers of the applications may not be experts in applicants’ fields, they are strongly advised to limit their description to 12-point font size and 1-inch margins.

Project Literature Review
Each application must be supported with a one-page bibliography or literature review which extensively outlines the necessary project resources. There will be no preference of one format over others. Therefore, use whichever format that is convenient. Remember to specify your sources (whether primary or secondary). If possible and where necessary, state the locations of such materials.

Letters of Recommendation
Each application must come with two (2) letters of recommendation. Through the applicants’ profiles, they can forward the link to those recommending them as this will also be received through an online channel. Note that any letter of recommendation not written in English language will not be reviewed and this means disqualification for the affected applicant. Note also that it is the applicant’s responsibility to partner effectively with their recommenders to ensure that their letters submitted in time. For applicants with ongoing PhD study, one of your reference letters must be from an academic advisor of your institution with a signed Academic Advisor Form.

Curriculum Vitae
This should not exceed three (3) pages maximum. Remember to ensure that previous awards (if any) and language capacity (for English and that of your host country) are clearly stated.

PhD candidates are expected to submit transcripts from their most recent institution of study.

Award Prize
The successful applicant(s) will receive a single grant of $11,000. This holds both for individual and group applicants.

Deadline: The deadline for application is fixed for January 23, 2020.

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