All You need to know about Agriculture for Food and Jobs Plan (AFJP) as an Enumerator

The Agriculture for Food and Jobs Plan (AFJP) is a joint project of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) and the Project for Agricultural Co-ordination and Planning (PACE) Secretariat, which aims to increase locally grown food supply, create employment opportunities in the agriculture sector and export food surplus using existing agreements. It is designed to support small holder farmers to minimize the impact of the global corona virus pandemic on them. It targets about 2 million such farmers to provide them with the necessary agricultural input to ensure that food supply in Nigeria is not severely affected by the pandemic. This is because the pandemic has affected billions of people worldwide and farmers are not left out.


You, as an enumerator, are needed because we cannot get the required information nationwide on our own. So, we need a large number of qualified persons to help us gather the data before the current cropping window closes. You are needed to help us get to these farmers, get information on what they produce, what their challenges are and where they need help so we can know how to channel the right support to the right people. We come for you, as N-Power volunteers because you have been trained and sent to work in our localities. However, your duty will definitely span beyond enumeration. We will need you to get involved all along the way to check what goes on in the supported farms as well as help us evaluate the eventual impact of our effort.
Please do not waste your resources if you have not received this email invitation from us. We cannot assure or guarantee you of any eventual enlistment. From here, further information and instructions will be communicated to you as occasion demands. Note that taking part in the preliminary activities is not a guarantee that you will be selected for the final job.
Successful Candidates will be:
▪ Mapped to Master Trainer and assigned to a ward
▪ Register smallholder farmers for the plan
▪ Compensated


If you’ve been selected through email, we say congratulations. To be able to serve us in this capacity, you will need an android phone with reliable internet connection. Using your phone, head to play store and Search for ODK Collect. Download and install the App. Upon successful installation, open the App and allow access to media. At this stage, you need to do some configuration changes before you can use the app to take the surveys.


Server Setting

• Tap on the Menu icon (three dots on you’re the top right of the app screen)
• Select General Settings
• Select Server
• Change server URL to as shown in the video mages below.
• Username – test
• Password – test
• Click save or back depending on your phone.

Afjp enumerator
Afjp enumerator

Navigation Preferences

• Tap on the Menu icon
• Select General Settings
• Select User Interface
• Select User Navigation (three options come up – use horizontal swipes, use forward/backward buttons and use swipes and buttons)
• Select Use swipes and buttons as shown below:

Afjp enumerator

User Profile Configuration

Be sure to provide correct and authentic information here as they will be attached to every survey you make. Wrong information may likely affect your payment. For this section, do the following:
• Tap on the Menu icon
• Select General Settings
• Select User and Device Identity
• Select Form Metadata
• Enter Username (e.g. Agent 1 or anything you wish to use)
• Enter Phone Number (your correct and active phone number)
• Enter Email Address (the one filled during registration)

Afjp enumerator

Form Management Configuration

To ensure that forms you filled can be submitted and you get credited for them, you need to set up form management as follows:
• Tap on the Menu icon
• Select General Settings
• Select Form Management
• Set Periodic updates to every hour
• Turn on Automatic download so you can get updated anytime an update is available.
• Turn on auto send for form submission (WIFI or cellular)
• Turn off High Resolution Video to conserve your data.
• Enable Show guidance for questions
• Set Image Size to Medium so your images do not become too big or too small ad to save data cost.

Afjp enumerator

Mapping Configuration

You will need to manually and physically map each farm you visit. to set up the app for this work, do these:
• Tap on the Menu icon
• Select General Settings
• Select Maps
• Set Google Map style to Satellite. Here you have for options which are street, terrain, hybrid and satellite.

Afjp enumerator


Afjp enumerator

Data for each farm you visit is filled on a blank form. So before you commence your enumeration exercise at every farm, you need to download a blank file. Then you:
▪ Select Get Blank Form from the main menu and
▪ Download form 10a.
▪ Select Fill Blank form from
▪ AFJP Survey v10a
You should now see DEMOGRAPHIC DATA

What is Needed

You need to collect data from the farmer on these:
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Marital Status
Intervention Beneficiary
Farm Type
Years of Farming
Top Crops
Source of Seed
Seed Type
Seed Required
Planting date


Farm Location
▪ Take a picture of the farm
▪ Take an additional picture of farm (optional)
▪ Take a picture of seed bags
▪ Take a picture of fertilizer bags
▪ Take a picture of harvest bags
▪ Take a picture of storage facility
▪ Map the area of the farm.
▪ Start GeoShape
▪ Allow access; all the time
▪ Choose the plus sign
▪ Select Manual location recording
▪ Manually map the area of the farm by walking along the boundaries of the farm, you press the plus (+) sign each time you are at the corner of any two boundaries. If done properly, you will have a closed shape that roughly depicts the layout of the farm being mapped. While doing this, always ensure that your accuracy reading is below ten metres. This makes the farm area estimated at the end of the manual mapping to be as close as possible to the actual farm size. If your accuracy is outside of this margin, your data submission may be rejected. This means no payment for you for that particular survey.
Information and data you capture must be very correct because they will be verified one way or the other. If you did a wrong job for us, it will affect so many things ad people including you.
As part of farm mapping, you will take samples of the farms visited. You will be provided with more information on this. Such information will involve how to get the soil sample, how to store it, how to label them properly and where to submit same. A specially designed bag will be given to you for this purpose.

Afjp enumerator


Below is a list of questions you must ask each farmer and collect their responses to form part of the required data:
• What challenges affect you as a farmer
• Are you a member of a farmer association?
• Factors that improve your yield
• Do you use to/have access to modern fertilizer?
• How do you sell your produce?


▪ Check Box: Mark form as finalized. If you do not mark this, the form will only be saved on your phone and never submitted.
▪ Name the Form
▪ Select Save Form and Exit

Afjp enumerator

If you have any questions, kindly drop them as comments and we will update you.

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