2020 ChangeMakers Seed Grant Opportunity

Applications are currently being received for the ongoing StartupXs ChangeMakers Seed Grant Program 2020. Startups and social entrepreneurs worldwide can explore this opportunity launched by StartupXs to empower and encourage change makers who come out with innovative ideas and businesses to transformation their community. The major target of this edition of the ChangeMakers Seed Grant Opportunity 2020 is all about the identification and promotion of worthwhile business idea of visionaries, startups and social enterprises which are yet at their early stages of development and implementation. It is the understanding of the importance of innovative approaches and tools in solving today’s community and global problems and the need to support, encourage and empower such innovators that StartupXs launched this campaign. By so doing, such innovators can get help in the area of financial resource support to sustain them thereafter.


“ChangeMakers Seed Grant Opportunity 2020” ends on 31st December 2019 by 23:59 GMT.


  • The opportunity is open to any global citizen or group in any country. However, such applicant must not be under any form of prohibition by his/her country or the United States law.
  • Only persons within the age range of 18 to 35 years can apply.
  • An organization like social enterprises, for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, international organizations, and researchers in any country can apply
  • Early-stage and growth-stage startups or social enterprises which are functioning in an innovative product or idea are given greater priority.

Entry Method

As the application window remains open, entries can be submitted by means of the official submission form. Never you automate your application as no automated entries will be accepted and processed. All partially filled application forms will be outrightly rejected and voided. Note that StartupXS or any of its agents and representative will not take responsibility for any lost, late, or submissions not received by us irrespective of whatever cause.

Application Requirements

  • Entries must be in a business proposal format with budget details clearly indicated
  • Entries previously used to apply for other funding options and donors can be used
  • Proposals older than five (5) years should be revised and updated before submission
  • There is no rigid volume requirement for the proposal but it must not exceed five (5) pages
  • All entries must be in one document using either MS Word or PDF format
  • Irrespective of the applicant’s language, all entries must be in English language
  • Each applicant can submit as many proposals as possible
  • Each proposal  must be original as any proven act of plagiarism leads to automatic disqualification
  • Apart from the online channel, no other form of submission will be accepted and processed

One applicant will emerge the winner at the end. He or she will receive an award of US $1000. The award will be sent to the winner through any of these transfer channels:


Western Union

Bank Transfer

Any other legal, eligible method.

Payment may be delayed until all the criteria of eligibility of the selected applicant or association have been satisfied. It is also worthy to note that the awardee is responsible for any deductions from the award money in the form of taxes, bank charges, or expenses or any other such costs.

Winner Selection Procedure
The eventual winner is always selected from a pool of many potential winners. Therefore, there is need for selection which is handled either directly by StartupXs or by its review partners. For this edition, the selection would have been completed before 31 January 2020.

Winner will be informed by the e-mail to the address he/she provided at time of registration. Once notified, the winner has five (5) days within which to accept the award/grant by e-mail as well. Failure to do this may force StartupXs to substitute the grant winner with another. Therefore, the failure of the declared winner to claim the grant in time makes him forfeit it. Even the inability of the notification email to be delivered spells forfeiture.

 Final Announcement
The Winner will be announced on the donor’s website startupxs.com and its official Facebook page: facebook.com/startupXs on or after 31 January 2020.

Publicity and Marketing
By giving his/her acceptance, the winner permits StartupXs and its partner to use the winner’s name and submission for purposes of marketing, in any medium, without further compensation or notice.

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